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01-03-2011, 03:36 PM
Man do I just love these missions. Lets see, today while doing Eriksson Outpost Incursion mission, all the ships just followed me and kept shooting me, so I could only get 2 freighters. Then the Transport Raid mission, the one ship that usually stays in the rear of the convoy decided that it wanted to move up front with the other ship. So I even failed that one. Not only the optional objective but the main mission too. I hit those ships with everything I had and it seemed like I was shooting paperclips at them with a rubberband. Suffice it to say, my keyboard almost paid the price because of my anger. I am hoping that since the holiday season is now over, we will be getting some fixes for these missions very soon. It's just sad that they made us these nice new missions and most of the players can not even complete them because of bugs.