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01-03-2011, 05:05 PM
Originally Posted by Askray View Post
Now heres the kick though -- IF you clicked on the TMP uniforms and it took 240 out of your c-store credits and only gave you the cat, then you'd have something to possibly (albeit a remote chance) to stand on.
Given how others have ran into this problem before regarding the C-store, this indeed rare. People have went to buy the Galaxy X and the new Nausciaan ship and never got it. (Yes, even after checking their inventories and such).

Originally Posted by Freedomrunning View Post
Well, if you place the ticket right after you make the purchase, there is an exception to this. I think he should not get a refund, but at least get the exchange. However, The reason for the C-Store is to make money, and once they have it, they are not going to give it back. Its like those scammers you see online. Do you really expect them to give you back the money you paid them when you didn't get the right thing. Customer Service only comes into play when they don't have to give you anything, other then that, what are you going to do? Cancel your subscription?
Yes, I made a ticket as soon as the error was discovered, but I don't like being made out to be a scammer. If anything I'd lose more Cryptic points in getting the Uniform than the cat. But by Cryptic's CSR, they basically want me to put more money in to buy the Uniform, even though I didn't want the cat.

I'm pretty sure anyone who ended up in my shoes would be pretty angry. Bugs happen and Cryptic's CSR should take responsibility.