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01-03-2011, 07:01 PM
We end the day with a glorious victory again. I was able to complete the Path of the Warrior mission the Chauncellor gave me, by completing the Eriksson system mission by the skin of my fangs. Must run drills first thing, certain crew members are getting soft. They'll either shape up, or ... heh heh. Because of this darn cargo pick up bug, I have missed out on getting at least 20 ships' cargo already. We are talking about at least 100 data samples that I worked real hard to steal from the spineless Federation. I need to kill my transporter officer and find a suitable replacement who will get the job done properly. Note, we need to get some fresh gagh. We are starting to run low again. At least once I kill that worthless p'tahk, we will have a few extra days worth. Also, pick up more blood wine. We can never have enough of that on board. Ha ha ha ha.

Long Live The Empire!!

End Log