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01-04-2011, 02:12 AM
I haven't had to go through the T'ong since I was a Lt. Cmdr (am a Lt. Gen now did it in 2 weeks)

There are a few new PVE missions for klingons handed out by the usualy suspects on Qo'Nos, not to mention availabity to other sectors previously only for Feds (Pi Canis) for system patrol raids that are repeatable.

Then theres the Weekly episodes breen and davidian missions (Orillius, and Eta Eradani sectors..probably didnt spell em right) those are repeatable too through mission replay accessable from your ready room on yer bridge.

New Nebulas to explore etc etc....tons of new stuff compared to when you were here last.

All in all my frined leveling has never been better for a Kling and its less blah when you do it.