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01-04-2011, 01:51 AM
Originally Posted by dukedom View Post
The Foundry Editor does not recognize my [Alt Gr] keystroke which is needed on qwertz keyboards to type things like: [ ] { } ~

While not making it impossible to use the editor it is quite bothersome having to tab out, copy paste the required phrase, tab back in, each time you want to use something like [rank] or [shipname].
I also have this issue with a twist. My client simply crashes to desktop when I press [Alt Gr]+'V'' to mail things to my alts, given that "@' is [Alt Gr]+'V' on my qwertz hungarian keyboard.

My workaround is just the same as yours, dukedom.

[Alt Gr]+'V' worked for me at the start of season 3, by the way.