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01-04-2011, 02:57 AM
All Tier 2 to Tier 4 Klingon ships should have cloak. But the button might have disappeared from your power tray? (At Tier 5, there are Carriers and Gorn, Orion and Nausicaan ships that don't).

At Ther 2, I would suggest going with the Bird of Prey or the Raptor, probably, if I did it again. At Tier 3, I found the K'Tinga an excellent Cruiser, probably better t hen the Federation Cruiser at that tier. The foreward pointing weapon slots and its high maneuverability are awesome. Dual Beams or even Cannons work well on that ship, giving you a significant damage output.

The UI elements are generally not free-moving. There is a special mode that you can activate via the menu IIRRC that allows you to move the elements around. There might also be some advice on how to use console commands in the chat window to "unlock" the elements and do it without that special mode. Consult on that.

For leveling, you now have additional options:
  1. Pi Canis Sortie Alpha and Beta. (each 3 missions IIRC)
  2. Deferi Daily Patrol (consisting of 3 missions) and 2 additional dailies.
  3. Eta Eridani Missions (3 Missions)
  4. New Storyline missions from the weekly episodes in the Orrelius and the Eta Eridani Sector Block. (The Deferi and the Devidian Series). More such missions are supposed to start this month. (One new episode per week over 5 weeks or so.)
  5. New Klingon Storyline missions. They start at Lt.Cmdr, Cmdr and Captain levels, IIRC. (So at your level, you've got only one option.)

Should beat another set of exploration missions any time of the day.