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01-04-2011, 03:24 AM
Thanks for the replies everyone!

I will have to find the cloak function button lol. I'm LT Commander 5 right now, in a K'Tanco battlecruiser (kinda looks like a baby K'Tinga).

After having a few battles with these NPC ships, I'm leaning towards going K'Tinga next rank up, when I get Commander. I got that Ship Tier chart by Spider Mitch, and the K'Tinga has a MUCH larger crew, and I think it might fit my usual playstyle better. On CoH I like Tankers, or any toon that can just stand toe to toe and slug it out. As a KDF Engineer, I'd probly be better off sticking with the Battlecruiser class ships. And then, one day, NEGH VAR!!!

Any advice on doing missions for someone who wants to avoid ground stuff if possible? I'd prefer to just do space battle missions. Unless you guys tell me something like "Hey, you need to do X mission arc for So-and-so because you get ship component rewards" or something lol.

So far, it's pretty darn fun, my ship and crew are pretty tough, (and thank Kah'less for the auto-fire feature). Wasn't there a type of torpedo that can do damage even thru shields? I'm planning to spec this guy for Disruptors, and Torps (but I could change my mind later lol).

Wasn't that a K'Tinga in Star Trek 6, that General Chang (Christopher Plummer) was in? What did they call it, the Prang? I swear it had a cloak. "Can you see me Kirk? I can see YOU!" Do you have to buy the Refit version from the C-Store? And is it better?

Anyways, once again, any advice for a returnnig ch00b is greatly appreciated!