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01-04-2011, 05:38 AM
Originally Posted by Pottsey
Sorry if you find my way of quoting harder to read but I find using quotation marks much easier and it feels more correct as well.
I don't find it easy to read your posts, and that is why i will keep my further replies short.

MustrumRidcully said "Shield damage Reduction and Hull Resistance work differently. Hull Resistance Modifiers have diminishing returns. Shield damage reduction does not."
How do we know this? Have we been told? Have we tested?
We have been told, and it was tested. I particularly fondly remember the days before there was the 75 % shield resist cap, when I could fly around with invulnerable shields in my Cruiser for some amount of time.

As for Attack Pattern Beta so you're basically saying anything in game that says - to all resistance has zero impact on shield resistance? That's very misleading. How are we meant to know this from in game data? Are you sure it has no impact on shield resistance?
Yes, the terminology and mechanics should be clearer. But things are how they are.

To be honest, it seems to me that you have a missed a lot of previous discussion on the mechanics. I am not really interested in revisiting all of that. If you don't take my word for it, you can start re-reading posts from Salami_Inferno and snix. I think these two devs have posted the most about these topics. Though I think the topic explaining how resistance modifiers work was in a post by Stormshade (or another Dev typically active in the Federation News Network forum), and he has a longer post history.

Yes but you can only use up to 1 on console to boost hitpoints and distribute those hitpoints. But you can add up to 4 consoles that boost HP regen and distribute the extra regen from 4 sides. Take a small PvP match where your front shields get hit. The regen setup has up to 4 regen console which can distribute all 4 sides into the front shields. Then due to the 4 console's he gets far more hitpoints back to re-distribute then the typical buffer Covariants setup. From my point of view a regen setup has more hitpoints to distribute.
Shield Capacity is also per facing.

I can't give you any insights about the Borg Shield regeneration, by the way. IThe exact bonuses seem undocumented, and hence, I would have to do actual testing. My data is based on the maths of the values known. That's also why I did not include powers either.

But consider this. The Regeneration from the shield is basically just another power. It is independent from the actual stats of the shields AFAIK.

No matter how you set up your shields, if you get shield points from powers, all that matters is your shield capacity. The lower it is, the more likely you can't benefit from all the healing. In case of the Borg shields, that might not be relevant, since it's a buff no other shield can get, and it might very well propell the shield behind anything Covariants or Regenerative Shields normally have to offer - but then it's from the power, not from the fact the shields have a higher regenerative value at expense for their capacity.