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01-04-2011, 06:05 AM
Still reading though the posts but the most recent ones I could find talk about Shield damage resistance buff not damage reduction. All the healing changes reference shield resistance and no longer mention damage reduction. But I still have more to read. Anyway I am not convinced about shields are different from hull based on the recent dev posts. Will edit this post if I change my mind after reading more.

EDIT: Further posts seem to back resistance up. To quota the dev on the changes "Emergency Power to Shields now has a small instant shield heal, with a decent shield damage resistance buff over duration. It could be considered the primary self shield heal power."

So it's been changed to a resistance skill not a damage reduction. Which explains why the in game skill now says damage resistance as well in places.

Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Even If the Covariant and Regenerative trade offs were balanced (and I say they actually aren't), then the consoles definitely are not.
How do you know that when you haven't done the math? Until we work out DPS tanked we have no idea if the trade offs are balanced or not. Until someone shows the math for all we know Regenerative could tank x5 more than Covariant or x5 less.

I finished reading though all the dev post since shield healing got redone. Unless I missed it there is nothing to reference shields being different from amour since shield healing got reworked. All reference have the devs talking about shield resistance exactly the same as armour resistance.