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01-04-2011, 05:29 AM
Originally Posted by Pottsey
Still reading though the posts but the most recent ones I could find talk about Shield damage resistance buff not damage reduction. All the healing changes reference shield resistance and no longer mention damage reduction. But I still have more to read. Anyway I am not convinced about shields are different from hull based on the recent dev posts. Will edit this post if I change my mind after reading more.

EDIT: Further posts seem to back resistance up. To quota the dev on the changes "Emergency Power to Shields now has a small instant shield heal, with a decent shield damage resistance buff over duration. It could be considered the primary self shield heal power."

So it's been changed to a resistance skill not a damage reduction. Which explains why the in game skill now says damage resistance as well in places.
No, the problem is that they use the expression "resistance" for shields, but it still isn't the same as the hull damage resistance. WHich is why I prefer to keep the terminology speerate.

How do you know that when you haven't done the math? Until we work out DPS tanked we have no idea if the trade offs are balanced or not. Until someone shows the math for all we know Regenerative could tank x5 more than Covariant or x5 less.
I know how long ships in PvP typically last under heavy fire. It's not anywhere close to a minute. And if it's longer then a minute, I know that there are a lot of heals flying.

Here are the relevant posts from snix from this thread:

Originally Posted by snix View Post

- We are getting tech support for diminishing returns on shield fragility (shield damage resistance). The current plan is to diminish towards a max of 75% resistance (shields would take at a minimum 25% of the original damage).

Edit for clarity: Currently shield damage resistance does not diminsh, which allows for perfect shields. This fix will prevent perfect shields, thus improving your ability to lower shields, thus improving your damage over a current 'perfect shield' opponent.
Originally Posted by snix View Post
The cannon fixes made it through to Tribble.

The cap for shield damage resistance is still being tested internally. It should go up to Tribble soon. For testing, it will be first implemented as a cap, rather than diminishing like hull resistance.

RSP will not be changed until the shield damage resistance goes in and some play time is logged. This means it likely will not be changed until after Season 2 goes live. I think the suggestions for how to reduce or slightly modify it are interesting, including the suggestion of upping shield/hull HP to lower RSP's current need.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Tribble!
Nothing has changed since then on how shield resists work.