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01-04-2011, 06:14 AM
MustrumRidcully you say" And if it's longer then a minute, I know that there are a lot of heals flying." But isn't that the point of a regen setup? You have that healing flying around by default without using skills. Have you even tested a full regen setup in PvP or are you just making one big assumption? Why not do the math. It doesn't seem fair to draw a comparison between the two shields based on assumptions. A fair comparison needs to look at how much DPS a regen setup can tank. Otherwise you cannot work out which shield is better.

According to the dev post it suggests I am right. He says shields pre changes don't have diminishing returns but they are adding in diminishing returns with a 75% cap.
" We are getting tech support for diminishing returns on shield fragility (shield damage resistance). The current plan is to diminish towards a max of 75% resistance (shields would take at a minimum 25% of the original damage)."
Very clearly says shields are getting diminishing returns but it's not implanted in the first wave of testing. The first wave was a cap only with diminishing returns being added later.

As far as I can see shields are the same as armour both are resistance based. 50% shield resistance is exactly the same as 50% armour resistance. There might be a difference in the way shield diminishing returns work against Amor diminishing returns but both seem to have diminishing returns.

As for - to resistance only lowering armour resistance not shield resistance I will try and test that later.