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Well it makes sense, but I ask myself then why SOME BoPs (dont want to argue wich ones) fight with wings up (I also would love to have BOTH variations)
I'd cite the off-screen fact that the model was simply broken and they could not have done it any other way - but for the sake of argument we can just settle to that it's at the Commander's discretion whether he wants to move the wings or not. Just like it is at the commander's discretion how much power he wants to put into the shields or if he wants to raise them at all. Maybe there was some sort of weird and childish game of "dare" going on in the KDF that had captains not lower their wings as they went into battle for added risk? Again, the weak spot is hard canon, as per DS9.

Other reasonable options (excuses) that I could come up with now are that the wing actuators on the ships in question were damage in-universe, or that they were a refit of the old Bird-of-Prey that "fixed" the weak spot whilst retaining the wing motors it already had. Not likely, but possible.

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I couldnt disagree more. If that were that way, where is the line to draw? Actually that is what I like about Star Trek, it is basicy CLEAR what canon is. Production background has no meaning at all for what is canon.
You're aware that this would equalize the B'rel and K'vort in size, effectively negating the soft canon sources stating their sizes, then?

Sadly, Star Trek has contradicted itself time and time again, as Katrina already pointed out, so canon in Trek sadly isn't quite as clear as one might believe. Which is exactly why we are left with so much discussion. There is no Holocron for Trek where the creators give us a definite answer, we just see lots of inconsistencies - and that's even before we take the soft canon books into consideration. :/

And so we fans are left with lots of debates and speculation.

And there are a lot of things in canon that I don't like but I simply have to accept. When I see so much obscurity and contradiction that I believe I can maneuver, however, then I will do so.

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Our etarnal big-small-BoP topic is a perfect example: YOU decide that there is just one BoP size because... it doesnt make sense for you. For thousands of other people, including myself it actually MAKES sense.
Oh, I'm not alone in this. Check the ship database of Starfleet Command III if you don't believe me.

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And within 5 series and 10 movies (yes yes eleven ) there is more then enough stuff to discuss that doesnt make sense and "need" interpretation, so usually ESPECIALLY in Star Trek there is no need to discuss some things, those which are simply canon because they simply were seen on screen, like the diffrent sized Birds.
This is by far not the only canon I am discussing! It should seem logical, however, that I focus on areas I deem important due to personal interest. I enjoy the Klingons and I love the BoP - more specifically, I fell in love with how I've grown to see it, and this is a perspective that I will defend. I do believe that the same can be said about the K'vort-cruiser-fans, for this difference is the very reason why they've become what they are, is it not?