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# 1 Graphic Memory Overage
01-04-2011, 10:45 PM
While building a mission I alt-tabbed out to check forums for help. The Alt-tab ended up with insufficent memory 229mb remaining resources dialog box. Upon trying to relog and reenter the Foundry, any attempt to enter any map for playtest would hang the computer on the loading map pop up. I'm suspecting a resolution difference or texture issue as the error. As for GFX I'm running a 512mb 9600gt, at a resolution of 1024-768 for STO vs, my desktop reso of 1280-1024. With 2 gigs of system mem. STO runs great otherwise using my GFX settings. Anywhoo, I had to start over, initially I suspected a large ship crashsite using 4 crash ship components and a plasma flame. But, until I alt tabbed it worked fine. but not really.