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01-05-2011, 12:28 AM
Originally Posted by Capulet View Post
Think about it. The jackpot is up to 355 mil because some 300 million tickets were bust. Your chances of winning anything substantial is some astronomical figure that only becomes more dismal as more tickets are sold. It's more a stupid tax than a lottery.
Actually, it doesn't really get less the more tickets are sold, except for the fact that multiple winners share the winnings.

Assuming you're talking about the CA Mega Millions (as it's at $355 million), you choose five numbers from 1-56. So the chances of getting them all correct is 1/56 * 1/55 * 1/54 * 1/53 * 1/52. But then they add in the "mega number" which is a separate choice of 1-46 so multiply that previous total by 1/46.

So there are 21,085,384,320 different possible combinations. But only one wins the jackpot.

But, to sort of agree with Capulet, if two people both get the correct combination, they each get half. And the more people buying tickets, the more likely someone is to get the right combo.