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01-05-2011, 06:33 AM
Originally Posted by jkstocbr
LOL Staring at a cats behind is not an improvement :p
I disagree. Call me a weirdo but I think a feline female behind is just as good if not better than a normal female derriere.

But in response to what Fatality is saying, I can understand, it would be nice to switch races when you wanted to or start a new race at a higher level. I'm running three characters right now because I wanted to try not only different races but also different playing styles two of them are Federation and the other is Klingon. Going through the Fedie intro for a new Fedie character was monotonous because I was a LCdr with the other Fedie before I started the new one and was experienced enough in how the game worked to just ignore the intro and tutorial. Maybe what Cryptic could do is whatever rank your highest character is at, you could purchase a character slot for one of the ranks below that.

For example if you have a captain character, you could purchase anything between LT to Cdr and start out with a Respect token to get the appropriate tier ship at the starbase at Earth.

But that's just my thought on the matter, thanks for reading.