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01-05-2011, 08:14 AM
Originally Posted by Kasensal
So you want to nerf my BoP? **** no.
Read closely. He wants to also turn one of the Lt.s in a Lt.Cmdr Slot.
Buff the BoP? No, don't think it needs that, and certainly not to the extent of giving it a better BO layout then other ships.

If you want one extra BO power, it needs to be an Ensign, like for all other ships.
  • Universal Commander
  • Restricted Universal Lt.Cmdr; Restrictions: Must be of another class then the Lt. and Ensign slot.
  • Restricted Universal Lt; Restrictions: Must be of another class then the Ensign slot.
  • Universal Lt
  • Universal Ensign
This basically reduces some of the options people have, but not all of them.
Lt.Cmdr Engineer => Lt. Tactical and Lt. Science and Ensign Science or Tactical
Lt.Cmdr Science => Lt. Engineer and Lt. Tactical and Ensign Engineer or Ensign Tactical
Lt.Cmdr Tactical => Lt.Engineer and Lt. Science and Ensign Enginer or Ensign Science
But ultimately, that's why too complicated.

Simpler might be:
  • Universal Commander
  • Universal Ensign
  • Lt.Cmdr Tactical
  • Lt.Engineer
  • Lt.Science

This forces the Bird of Prey into the same thing as all classes - having at least 1 Lt. of every class, and it locks it further in the Raider (/Tactical) role, but it gets its missing BO slot back. The everpowerful PSW + Escort's Alpha Strike combo is still possible, but maybe in the less optimal version.