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# 44 clearly not the best
01-05-2011, 01:39 PM
This does not show forth anything. the competition in their catagories were slim and the other genre games where blah.

Lets be real, cryptic promised alot of well still do going on a year. promise alot. people who play sto including I are just waiting on the promised to be completed or SWTOR to come out. which ever one comes first. I for one judge a game on its merits and attributes. if the game follows a movie or genre i base it off the genre. Cryptic you get a "C-". why. you are missing to much from the star trek universe which by your definition is small lol. You did not start with the basics and build outward from their. You are missing the star trek experience and just delivered great eye candy. Ill give you that. the eye candy is awesome. you fooled us all with the eye candy and fake promises. sector space revamp is good eye candy that should give you a few more months BS time. Overal though from a commited trekkie who studies and knows the star trek shows movies and tech you have not delivered and when the bar is set low well you can win. You had to much bad press, bad reviews, constant lies and miss managements to pat yourself on the back. Compared to other space genre mmo's you would not win. thats the case in point. You did not go up against other space genre mmo's.

just saying