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Why is the new Borg tech available only if you play in team missions (except the part given in "Assimilation")?

Essentially, it forces everyone to join a fleet. Why is that? Maybe someone doesn't want to. It's not the fact that I'd miss those parts, I do belong in a fleet and I am not so thrilled about those parts anyway. But what is the point of having them only if you complete those missions?

They could cost a lot of emblems, or they could be very expensive. Really, I never understood the idea of multiple currency, either! They could also be available if you complete PvP engagements.

The beauty of an MMO game is that you can do whatever you want, any time you want, and still be able to have all the tech/upgrades/artifacts. Devs shouldn't force players to choose between solo play and fleets, or team missions and scripted missions.