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# 1 Respecing
01-05-2011, 03:26 PM
I personally feel that with high potential for making mistakes with your spec and as complex as the skill system is, and with game changes that are unforeseeable that the respecs should not be as costly as they are. Its currently 30k merits to do a respec, just to move 1 point or all of them, it would be nice if you paid per point and was only charged for what you changed.

This would allow for some flexibility with unexpected game mechanic changes, as well as some room for mistakes and the learning curve. Also with a captains talents being as highly important as they are I don't think game critical things such as this should be cash shop items because by design they will make it very difficult to do it via the ingame option in hopes that you will opt to just pay extra for it.

Now all of this is worthless if 30k merits is something that's very easy to get and I just don't know how.