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01-05-2011, 04:29 PM
Originally Posted by Liandras
As a firm supporter of section 31 I always side with him screw those straihgt lined idiots who will be the end of the federation.
It wasn't really a question of morale, sadly. As cool as that mission and its twist was, both parties were represented as compromised and neither NPC's information could be verified, so the question wasn't "do you believe in what Section 31 stands for" but rather "which of the two is the Undine".

My Vulcan chose S31 - based solely on her cold logic that an organization like his would be less likely to be infiltrated compared to an ordinary captain of some small ship.

That said, those "straight lined idiots" you are referring to are quite necessary for keeping the Federation from becoming a tyranny like the Cardassian High Command. It's all about the balance between right and wrong. Even Sloan knew this.

And don't forget that even S31's own plans can backfire, making the situation worse than it was before.