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01-05-2011, 03:29 PM
Originally Posted by Commadore_Bob
I just did the mission with one of my alts where you meet Franklin Drake. Problem is I already worked for him doing the Devidian missions. What would be nice is if one of the devs could go back and add a flag so that Drake would recognize me if that's the case. Like, "Hey, Bob. Nice to see you again. Now let me explain what's going on..."

Just a thought.

BTW: I'm still going to kill him for sending me back in time to a Federation outpost in a Klingon Cruiser owned by an enemy to the empire. D**n you Franklin Drake!
Yes! Definitely they should go back and add in conditional text for situations like this. I know they have the technology - before the Devidian Series came out, when you went to Eta Eridani there were at least three different versions of the priority one message preview that you could get from Drake.

One of them was if you never met before. He'd just say he was part of some organization that needed your help.

The second one was if you'd completed the Suspicion mission where you met Drake. He'd say that he was impressed by your actions at Agrama.

Then there was a third version you'd get if you had met him in that mission where you have to choose him or the captain. He'd pretty much state that it was Section 31 you were dealing with.

They need to go back over old missions and people you supposedly never met but helped already in other missions should recognize you. Another example is Ambassador Surah at Starbase 39. When you introduce yourself there it's like he never met you before - even if you see him every day for the Deferi dailies.

The opposite works though - if you do Starbase 39 mission before Cold Call, in Cold Call he'll say that he recognizes the great work you did on the Starbase 39 negotiations.

As Gozer is going back and reworking old missions, please say that he or someone is going around fixing continuity issues like these?