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01-05-2011, 03:33 PM
The S31-related missions and episodes came in a chronological timeframe of current content first, Deferi second, Devidian third.

Yes, it'll be a problem if someone unfamiliar with the weekisodes like the Deferi/Devidian decide to jump the gun. I propose either weekisodes be locked till the main content S31 missions are finished, or a complete rewrite to account for or the lack of S31 and Drake to the character's knowledge.

This way, no one's jumping the gun on content designed for higher-ups. I've been hearing and seeing lots of complaints from my lower-leveled friends about the Deferi/Devidian weekisodes being too hard.

As for the nature of S31...

This is a long-standing discussion about the nature of Section 31. It was controversial back when they introduced them in DS9, its controversial now, because of their "preserve the federation at any cost" mentality.

Me? At no point should we ignore the principles and freedoms we so protect and believe in for safety and security. If we do, we're just living lies.

I'm against S31. Always have, always will be.