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01-05-2011, 03:47 PM
The cure and KA are bugged....

That said, they are completely doable with a competent team and a bit of luck. I pugged and lead Infected, the cure and KA.

I actually did the cure on VA, imho...hardest of the 3 by a mile. I supplied hypos and repel guns to the group, forced my sci friend to heal and we rocked it out pretty good. (so glad we had someone that did it before, never would've figured a sci could b-slap the final boss, hold aggro and not get owned.)

KA was pure common sense...first time through, I was able to lead the pug through without any frustrating parts. I didn't encounter any bugs or issues (although myself and an experienced player were aware of them) This stf is a tad challenging when your leading but have to figure things on your own but it is so well put together and is by far my favorite mission to do.

The stfs can be completed on RA to get the borg loot... so really...everyone has access to it, be it casual or is really only the cure that can stop a group in its tracks due to the bugs that one can encounter.