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So we have brace for impact, abandon ship and ramming speed for all captains. So to round it off, how about deflector burst, as seen in the TNG episode "Best of both Worlds"?

The power could work as follows:

45 degree forward firing arc. If the target leaves the firing arc before the ability completes its cycle, the ability is wasted.

Upon activation:
(Damage listed applies to bare hull. This ability would behave the same way energy weapons do against shields.)

5000 damage per second for 5 seconds at 50% aux power. 500 additional damage per second for every 5 extra power to aux.

Total damage:
50% aux: 25,000
100% aux: 50,000
125% aux: 62,500 (I believe roughly equal to two fully skilled tricobalt torpedoes)

Personally I think damage type should be proton damage.

Penalty: (begins as soon as ability is activated)
For 15 seconds -
Weapons and engines subsystems disabled.
All captain and boff abilities disabled. (exceot for abilities activated previously)

For 5 minutes -
-25% power to all subsystems
-50% power transfer rate

One critical ship injury.

Total ability cooldown time: 20 minutes.