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01-05-2011, 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by Martok42 View Post
Then they are all stunned for 15 seconds and defenseless?? That makes sense.
What I did not want to do was suggest an overpowered solo-pwn ability. When the Enterprise used it, the ship's deflector was completely burned out and the ship itself was absolutely dead in the water, allowing the borg cube to escape. If the borg had attacked, the Enterprise would've been obliterated.

If you're in a fleet, you'd have your fleet mates to protect and heal you. If you used it solo, it would be more of a finishing move against a big heavy target that you'd have to be judicious about using incase you fired it while other ships were closer than 10km from you.

I did say the disabling effect starts as soon as you fire the weapon (which takes the first 5 seconds to do all its damage). Then you'd have only 10 seconds after where you'd unable to do anything except reinforce shield facings and transfer energy back to shields, etc.

Perhaps the disabling effect should be 10 seconds only from when the weapon fires.