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01-05-2011, 04:42 PM
I disagree that these awards are meaningless... To be frank, someone had to win it, and it was STO, I say so much the better.

The truth is, with STO winning, the negative view is "Well, the contest was crap, so the award was meaningless." If STO hadn't won, these same people would be saying, "See? STO couldn't even win an award in this small poll..." So, either STO wins and the poll is crap, or STO loses and they suck for not even placing?

Frankly, personal interpretation of the merits of the awards notwithstanding, STO won! And even if one were to disbelieve that the voting was based solely on the quality of the game (granted, I almost choked when I saw that we won for "Best Crafting..." This poll was taken before crafting was overhauled, no?) it's still a potent demonstration that we fans of the game are both ardent, present and willing to continue to support STO.

So I say, Kudos on the awards!