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01-05-2011, 05:16 PM
Originally Posted by Dimitris_Botonis
The beauty of an MMO game is that you can do whatever you want, any time you want, and still be able to have all the tech/upgrades/artifacts. Devs shouldn't force players to choose between solo play and fleets, or team missions and scripted missions.
That's the beauty of solo game, actually. In MMOs, it has been pretty traditional that there are different difficulties of content that require a team effort to obtain better loot. You know, things that encourage those multiple players to actually interact. Something that on the whole, STO lacks.

That said, the STFs need some work. Most people do not find them fun, even if they know how to do them. To much filler, not enough meat. Additionally, it is relatively unrewarding beyond the first success. This is due in large part because STO itemization system needs a revamp.

Between these two factors, it is hard to find people to run these things with, even though they are the supposed end game. Doubly so if you are Klingon. And it means you tend to wind up with a few groups of people that actually enjoy doing them, who typically do them with a relatively set group of people and pugs, which consist for a large part of people that don't really know how to do them or don't want to take the responsibility of leading a group.

In short, the problem isn't that there is group content, but rather that there isn't more and that it isn't worth doing (beyond once per character).