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01-05-2011, 06:45 PM
Originally Posted by Napoleon_BlownApart View Post
Thanks Alot LOP and Nagus... I expected more from you guys but I guess I was wrong. Thanks for the freakin' support and a Fair Chance.
I thought we had 3 missions to vote for. My 1st vote is for Galactrix's mission, my 2nd and 3rd are undecided. I didn't cast all my 3 votes for Galactrix's mission but to be honest each of the missions I've played so far, admittedly not many, had something in it that didn't vibe well with me. Galactrix's was simply the 1st I was actually pleased with.

I don't know about the Nagus, but if you want to blame me for anything you can blame me for not playing a lot of missions before casting my vote, however, the whole beauty of forums, polls and voting systems is that until the 25th, we're supposed to be able to change our votes, aren't we?