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01-05-2011, 06:02 PM
LOP - Not blaming anyone in particular... you guys just happened to be at the top of the list...

To be honest I saw this post earlier in the day and the thought crossed my mind that I had not really experienced any missions that met my criteria of 5 stars even though I've reviewed about 30 so far. It seemed ludicrous to cast a vote without sampling more of what is available.

In fact the ratings thing is a writers nightmare that only brought up shadows of my past in the Music business. I labored in obscurity for many, many years and when my chance came my own brother stabbed me in the back just like I knew he would.

Same holds true now... I try to give support to whomever needs it and hope we can all work together for the benefit of ourselves and our gaming community. I'm hopeful for good things to happen and hope somebody will actually try the missions I've created.... but I expect the knife in my back and to just be casually thrown aside - so I get a little anxious and lash out occasionally and for that I sincerely apologize...