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01-05-2011, 07:24 PM
Originally Posted by Napoleon_BlownApart View Post
In fact the ratings thing is a writers nightmare that only brought up shadows of my past in the Music business. I labored in obscurity for many, many years and when my chance came my own brother stabbed me in the back just like I knew he would.

Sorry about what your brother did and you're right about the rating system. Rating systems, as far as I've experienced are popularity contests masquerading behind thinly veiled subjective reasoning.

What we truly need is a system that allows a player to assign a Show/Ignore Boolean value to a list of criteria and each mission should be voted upon by the players as for how it matches the criteria. This should allow us a more customized and personally tailored system to feed relevant missions to us. If you include a "Show me missions my friends/fleet-mates also enjoyed", it'd be a near perfect. Sadly though, this system is probably the least feasible for Cryptic to implement at this time and so, we're stuck with a rating system.

I tried to say the same thing in the CoH AE closed beta and Paragon Studios was probably exactly at the same spot Cryptic is now. "We need some sort of system, like right now, and we cannot wait for the best system to be implemented."

Originally Posted by Napoleon_BlownApart View Post
Same holds true now... I try to give support to whomever needs it and hope we can all work together for the benefit of ourselves and our gaming community. I'm hopeful for good things to happen and hope somebody will actually try the missions I've created.... but I expect the knife in my back and to just be casually thrown aside - so I get a little anxious and lash out occasionally and for that I sincerely apologize...
I sincerely hope that despite the knife in your back or occasionally finding your missions in the "Haven't been played for months" pile you will continue to support the community as hopefully all of us will. I know that knife in the back and the piled-on dust of unuse will be my share and probably most of us will experience it, which is exactly why we should all stay level-headed about spotlight votes like this.

After all, this is for fun and fun alone and I think we'd be doing the community a disservice if we allow ourselves to forget that.