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01-05-2011, 06:34 PM
Originally Posted by Flato View Post
Wow i really love that program, Only thing more would be if u could some how add the attack patterns to see how they make damage stack up for combo use.
I'll look into adding more skills and the ability to activate more skills at once. I'll probably have to move away from the drop down list and instead add a separate window where you can specify all the skills you want. In any case, that shouldn't be too hard.

The trouble with the Attack Patterns is they are affected by your skill level in certain abilities like Attack Vectors. So, they aren't always the same multiplier. The reason I implemented those specific skills is that they're always the same percentage increase in damage regardless of your skill level (your weapon skill level just affects your underlying base weapon damage). Anyway, long story short, as a work around I could probably just enter the Attack Patterns assuming either max skill level, or minimum skill level (or both as different choices).

Another possibility is that I can add the ability to specify your skill levels, if you want to. With the basic framework of the program in place, it probably wouldn't be too difficult to add that, and it shouldn't require any more testing.

Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Nagorak, if you ever need more tests, you might want to use the Foundry and create a more "controlled" environment for them. I tried something like that with this misison: Mustrum's Combat Simulator
Currently, it basically just doesn't do much as spawn a bunch of enemies across the map and allow you to specifically fight a series of 7 Neg'Vars. Neg'Vars should pretty much be one ofthe easiest targets to make tests with. No annoyin special abilities and slow.
I might rework it at some point for more stuff.
Thanks for the suggestion, but I actually switched to using a PvP instance with a friend. That made it a lot easier as I didn't have to worry about moving/distance at all. It also ended up being a lot more accurate because I could test longer and the results were never affected by losing the firing arc, etc. Of course the downside is you need someone to help you test that way.

The Foundry is a good idea for making a test mission though for when a friend isn't available. That said, I don't think I'm going to do that much more testing in any case. I will update the DPS Calculator based on people's suggestions though.