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01-06-2011, 03:41 AM
Originally Posted by disposeable View Post
Make them more like the varnus. No fighters or frigates, just repair drones.
Still need a purpose..

How about some detatchable repair or turret bays, with the added bonus that if the ship is stationary it get substantial power bonuses and/or bonuses to ships within 10-15k..

Possibly with two more weapon slots than other T5 ships.

Ie: The ship can drop two turret platforms, complete with shields... Each of these have say 250k hitpoints, and sports 4 omnidirectional Dirsuptor Cannon turrets and 2 Heavy Photon/quantum turrets.

For the ship isself, once it is completely stationary is grants a minor repair (say 75 HP ticks) to all ships in range, as well as accuracy, defense and power bonuses.

That way, using one of these can give a major tactical advantage, but multiple would be less effective. (unlike today where their relative "power" increases exponentially as the number of ships increases)