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01-06-2011, 05:11 AM
Well I was a bit confused about "best launch" , i gotta be honest i dont think anyone including cryptic would dispute that the launch was poor at best. Still the MMO market is so fragile. Considering the launch and how many other titles just died before they got going there is some rationality with that result. It's kinda like the best fo the worst in terms of the launch.

That one thing aside I think the rest of the awarda are a testiment to WHY STO stayed online while the others fell. This game has gone from incomplete to being one hell of a game. If these improvements carry on then this game could easily move from most improved game, to one of the best mmo's on the market to date. I dont think that is an overstatement.

This game has really been turned around and contnues to get better. If it was the people here on the forums that got cryptic the results I see that as a fantastic turn around also. Considering at one time as a whole this was not a happy community. So to see people pull together to make this happen..AGAIN is a testiment to exactly how far this game has come. And i hope these results will get some people to come back, and get people who never considered playing this game t give it a try. STO is definaltely on the road map. Deservedly.

Cryptic, I hope you take some heart from this that all your effort and all the tornado like months you have had to try to fix this game have been worthwhile. YOU PULLED IT OFF!! Please PLEASE dont stop..keep going because I am actually excited now for next year and the year after! I am glad to be able to feel that. And that my llifetime sub was a gamble that paid off thanks to you commitment and refusal to give up.

Fantastic job! I think you guys have done great and this is recognition of that fact. And of the fact that in such a fickle mmo market, depsite the naysayers and the pressure you have shown you are not just in the market. You are BIG players now. Use it to springboard to even greater hieghts!

Well done and congratulations

** I would just like to add that for me, Dan dtashi Has been the biggest factor i noticed on face value. You honesty and totally candid approach to what was wrong and what needed to be sorted out and in what order. Your commitment to not only getting inloved BUT ACTUALLY LISTENING and answering even the uncomforfable questions ahs been fantastic. Both in words and actions it seemed to me that your drive steered this ship in the directuion it som badly needed. Thats said I take nothing away from the rest of staff you ALL deserved it. I just wanted to note that for me, dan was the big turning point