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01-06-2011, 05:28 AM
Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
I'll be "that guy" and point out the competition wasn't exactly Top of the Pops. I'll admit the game isn't completely abysmal but it won't make any Best X of the Decade lists in its current form.
you are right, but what does it say when all the studios offerdd such little competition? I think it just shows us how difficult making an even half decent mmo is in the current environment. Everyone wanted to cash in on wows success. As if just making an mmo was enough. Everyone wanted on the band wagon. Including some big names. They all failed abysmally. STOn could easily have been a casualty rather than a winner. Yep it has definatley been shaky. But huge progress was made. Everyone in the market had that same opportunity(and they didn't have the rediculously short developemt time cryptic had) and the other companies were unable to capitalise. Even on sto's very weak launch. They failed. Cryptic stayed a float. and now they have gone a step further and turned this into a game worth paying a sub for.

I agree it's not game of the decade. But IF cryptic could keep improving this game at the same pace and level they have doen to date..then they have a real chance of making this game one of the big hits for the decade to come. I really beleive that. because i saw a broken game turned into a really good one in less than a year.

It's up to cryptic, they just need to keep doing what they have done this last yeat..and things will get very special. I think "the old republic" is what everyone is looking to try. It's gonna make it tough..but cryptic needs to just focus on this thing here and not worry too much. I love the trailers for the old republic..but the gameplay doesn't look like a reinvention of mmo's OR of star wars games. It look all too familair I wonder if it has over hyped itself? Dont get me wrong i love a good star wars game..but the pressure is on for those guys to live up to all of this hype.

Anyways just my 2500 cents