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01-06-2011, 06:39 AM
How about Huge fricking missile bays instead of hanger bays? let us launch waves of nuclear tipped death at our opponents.
& I would fly the Kar-Fi even without any Frigates/ Fighters. maybe add an eng console. Anyway, thats my $.02
I now imagine something like the Breen Transhphasic Cluster Torpedoes, but exploding into torpedoes or something like that.

That could actually be an idea for the existing Carriers, too. In addition to various types of fighters, the ymight also be able to fit special weapons into those bay slots.

Disruptor Spears, Multiwarhead Torpedoes, Cluster Torpedoes.

Currently, Carriers can engage enemies at a range of up to 15 km instead of just up to 10 km. Maybe it's time for some special weapons with a longer range. (I think they could then modify the Phaser Lance and the Disruptor Javelin to also fire at his extended range).