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01-06-2011, 06:49 AM
The first about 3 month I tried to get one or two female BOs on Klingon side (because I want them to look human and I believed the qualety of the bos really effect the gameplay). However, I didnt have sucess. And there were several threads about that back then, I'm sure Cryptic is aware of that but they simply dont care.

However I believe the reason why people prefer Female BOs is not just the fact that people want to create a "personal harem". I tried to "recreate" the crew of a fanfiction story I wrote years ago and that had as many males as females. I endet up with mainly "recreating" the females simply because its POSSIBLE for them. The costumisation options are simply better. So I was able to create more or less the females the way I wantet them to look.... but the male.... that didnt work. Primarily because of the bad haircuts; most of the male haircuts do not look very good. And the exact TWO I consider "usable" are used very fast, if I use them for all my crewmen would look like clones...