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01-06-2011, 07:39 AM
The way I see it, there are different things that can be added to improve the PvP experience, with increasing complexity. Not all of them need to be done perhaps, but they should be carefully considered.
  • Different Emblem Reward scheme - more Emblems for winning, less for mere participation => An incentive to fight for a victory.
  • New PvP Maps
  • Tournament System
  • Some kind of Player or Fleet Ranking and long-term statistics.
  • Set Items for PvP
  • UGC Support for PvP maps
  • Open PvP with Territory Control

The general attitude from the anti-PvP camp is that we don't just have different values, we have the wrong ones and all developer time is wasted if they do anything for PvP (nevermind that PvP's last content update was nearly a year ago (Shanty town) and the last changes at all were for the interface and back in Season 2).
I am worried that bringing this up alone would just fuel more antagonism. In the end, everyone is entitled to his own badwrongfun.