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Originally Posted by snix on July 30 View Post
Greetings all,

I wanted to give out some information on what's on the way for PvP in the near term.

1) A bug fix for the updated PvP queue system that causes match launch failure.

2) A simplified queue list that focuses the choices to space/ground, game type, and factions.

3) A new PvP Private Battle lobby interface. Private battles will allow for a wide variety of customization for creating the battle scenario you want to play.
Want to play 1 on 1? In.
Want to play 3 on 5? In.
Want to play with teams of mixed tier ships against another? In.
Want to mix Starfleet and Klingon ships on the same side? In.

Basically the only restrictions are the game type being tied to the battlefield map, as those elements are linked together with the way the existing maps are built. Otherwise, you'll have the functionality to either create a straightforward private match or recreate whatever team configurations you want to play with. This will be great for Fleets or Houses to challenge each other using their players from across all rank ranges.
4) Specific tournament queues that open for a fixed window of time (likely something short to start with; a weekend) that will track your individual performance and display the results with rewards given out for top honors.

More is on the way, but the above is in development (or already in testing) and should be out soon.

Thanks as always for your patience,
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