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01-06-2011, 07:49 AM
Originally Posted by Liandras
I really want to see some PVP only rewards just like the borg sets are PVE only.

I will never get my hands on a borg set because I don't PVE, so to get something like it, but different in PVP would give me a nice goal.
I should add this to my list.

In general I think that all types of gameplay - Standard PvE Missions (Mission Rewards), Explorations (=> Crafting), PvP (Vendors), Fleet Actions (Mission Rewards) and STFs (Vendor or Mission Rewards) should grant unique rewards you can only get doing that type of content. Item sets and consumables might be ideal for this.

Seriously though, anyone who is a strict PvE enthusiast would be raiding Cryptic's offices if they went a year without content updates
Or he would just leave the game, which I am afraid a few PvPers have already done. Though many seem very persistent. (Even though PvP isn't. )