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# 59 Earned or Not
01-06-2011, 08:21 AM
Despite the flaws STO has, the fact remains its community stepped up by continually showing support. I can't give an opinion about it's launch back in the beginning of 2010 (because I've only played for about 3 months), nor can I make comparisons to other MMORPGs (because STO is the first I've played). But over ten thousand votes were cast compared to those 115 complaints razing STO as "one of the worst & certainly undeserving of any award."

You can chuck it up to the "fanboys & girls of Star Trek," or a good move by the marketing department ... I look at it as a stupid poll that means nothing BUT showing STO has a strong community behind it. STO is young & always changing. That, combined with the fact that the developers ACTUALLY do what they can to give its players what they're looking for, is enough to show STO has the potential to be a major hit compared to so many other great games. As this game improves, its community will get stronger (which has been proven by new players joining & old players returning).

It's 2011 ... if STO stays on track, who's to say it won't be deserving of those awards & earn a top spot in the eyes of gamers in another year or two. Like many, I've been a fan of Star Trek since I was a child. Although, I personally feel, STO doesn't give Star Trek the justice it deserves at the moment, I am pleased at what STO has accomplished to date & do know it's on its way to giving the players (Us) a game that truly reflects what Star Trek is all about.