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# 4 TR 116, want
01-06-2011, 10:02 AM
Well, that's disappointing.

To explain, people in my country (Australia) had no or limited access to the preorder perks.

There was only one available, the Liberated Borg Engineer.
And that didn't arrive until several months after the game had started, because our EBGames was extremely inefficient at getting the pre-order cards.
The Borg would not approve.

I had to use Steam to get the Chromodynamic Armor.

As for the TR 116 rifle, that wasn't available at all.
Edit: Oh darn, it was, I just never found out about it.
It was at JB Hi Fi, not our Target. Damn.

Which is why I want it to go to C-Store, to redress the inequity in my geographical location.

And how would it be imbalanced if everyone had one?

If it's truly that bad, rework it so it's not so imbalanced before getting it out on C-Store.