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01-06-2011, 11:29 AM
so cryptic runs the competition?? or you mean by posting to get us from the forums to vote(the same system ALL of the other developers could and possibly did use) that makes it a fix? The playing feild was even dude.

And yeah not a great year for any mmo, but it was the best of what was there. Now if you want a game to continue improving you need to keep making money. So I think if cryptic were all modest and bashful and all self depreicative..then they could not attract more customers and the game dies off. would you do that in the name of chivalry?? I dont see that working as a business. I amdit I shouldn't be responding. And I realise you prolly think I am a fanboy..not that internet buzz words mean anything to me. But "Pathetic" is just a little sour. I dont see what shame has to do with anything here.

now if cryptic created a competition AND only allowed one entrant(them) tjat would be shameful.

People use the net to get thier name about, facebook, twitter..and people do it for far less profound endevours than STO.

look "@notuba
This happens every year across multiple sites. It's not which game is the best, it's which game can direct the most of its community to vote.

It was just a question of which game did it the best this year, which fell to STO. "

see this is a comment from the comments section for the poll. What i dont get here is what is the crime?? I dare say one year ago that this community would NOT have voted for STO? no? So the fact that they did this year and beat then other mmo's doing exactly the same thing means the community was reponsive. So they must be doing something right. ok i will butt out now.

I am not having a go at you mate, just giving an opposite opinion.