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01-06-2011, 12:58 PM
Of course it wouldnt be thinkable. If you have no common ground for discussion, how should you discuss details like that?
Also, THEIR techincal Data is Canon. But that means that every storytelling that comes has to stick EXACTLY to that data. That may even make it inpossible to tell certain storys. So the Star Trek Technical "rules" are much better: they dont tell more then they need onscreen, (because in end STORYTELLING is what is important, not how big the hard drive of a star destroyers computer is) and "technical books" exist for the enjoyment of fans but can be ignored at any time in future productions.
As a writer, and as someone with a degree in Creative Writing, I've got to correct you on this. The view you have here is what leads to massive screw ups and complications in storytelling.

Yes, storytelling is important. However, it's very -very- important for the -writer- to know all the little details and reasonings behind everything, thus allowing the writer to maintain consistency, even if the reader/viewer is never actually going to be informed of some of those details and reasons.

For example, if the writer -does- know how big the hard drive of a Star Destroyer's computer is, there's no chance of accidentally having one Star Destroyer be unable to download certain data due to only having 40,000TB space and another downloading something that's 80,000TB.

This is actually one of the reasons for Gene creating a new Warp Factor scale that has a very set range of 1-10. It created a lot of confusion that the TOS Enterprise reached speeds in excess of Warp 15, when normally they struggled to maintain warp speeds high in the single digits. The specificity of the new warp scale also let them create a more consistent concept of just how far the starships could travel within the Galaxy.

Granted, the writers of Star Trek haven't held as firmly to that as they should, which has created some additional inconsistancies (such as the Galaxy-X traveling at Warp 14), but that's the fault of the writers, and in part a problem that comes out of having so many different writers instead of just one.

It's key to creating a truly believable setting, regardless of the genre.