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01-06-2011, 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by Tanagrah
I am actually jaw dropped here, I am pinching myself, I am literally in a state of shock, please tell me that never happened, it's embarrasing, really embarrasing.

Cryptic have you actually got no shame at all? You publicise these awards weeks before on the top story of your news page and forum, provide a link for the fanboys to vote for your game in all categories, knowing that the vast majority will go and vote for you.

Then you have the blind cheek to create a song and dance about how great you all are for winning these totally undeserved awards.

Best crafting in an MMO - STO LMAO
Best launch of an MMO - STO ROFL
Biggest suprise hit - STO LOL great hit, everyone left in April.
STO never won biggest dissapointment of 2010 when clearly it was...

Read the 115 comments attached to these clearly fixed results and you will see 115 angry people that clearly know STO does not deserve a single award. Cryptic knew this ofc that's why they would not dare allow the general MMO community to have the honest vote, they had to send in the fanboys to rig it.

Wow. I had to read this post twice to make sure I had read it right.

I fail to see how a company asking it's players to vote for their game in a player's poll constitutes "rigging" it. You might want to re-check your facts on the best crafting as well; "None of the Above" won, not STO. Everyone didn't leave in April; unfortunately, you're still here. (Why are you still here, by the way, if this game is such a disappointment to you?)

Also, you call the people who voted for STO "fanboys"; well, hate to break it to ya, hoss, but the people who voted for the other games are "fanboys" as well. It's not a bad thing that STO's players are more motivated than the other games' players are; it's a good thing.

As for your analysis of the comments, you must have simply glossed over the ones that weren't angry ones, because they all aren't. Again, it isn't Cryptic's fault that the "general MMO community" didn't vote for the other games. It's simply a sign that the players of those games couldn't be bothered to take two minutes of their time to fill out a simple poll.

STO winning some of the categories is pathetic? Not at all. Some people whining about a player's poll being fixed by "fanboys"? Absolutely pathetic.