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# 85 broken record?
01-06-2011, 04:13 PM
Wow another post from the OP about the same topic as in this thread with the same people making the same arguments.

So to that end I'll paste my same post as in that thread:
Except that I believe escorts recieved 3 stealth nerfs in recent months. The shield console incresed shields, the capacity of hull and shields and their resists were given buffs with proper speccing, and now there are additional resists and heals from the Aegis/Borg sets. The punch that escorts had, around the end of season 1/beginning of season 2 no longer exists. An escort is less potent than ever before. And that's the issue, potency.

Using combat log parsing software I tested my escorts matches. It demonstrates average resistances are higher about 17% from tests I conducted before Aegis/Borg, therefore alpha strike effectiveness is lower. It takes more firepower, more effort, more time to make the same amount of kills. I've also noticed a slight drop in the number of my kills per match by two or three depending on the length of the match.

Yes, the escorts need a little love. But given cryptics tendency to overdo nerfs/buffs I don't see it happening properly. Perhaps that's half the public's fear and hesitance to the issue.
I'm not too keen with the tone or presentation of the OP initial and continuing argument though.