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01-06-2011, 05:09 PM
Originally Posted by SemajELF View Post
Youre kidding right?You guys won awards?NO WAY!How much arm twisting did you have to do to get those?EPIC FAIL!Has NONE noticed your membership has dropped to almost nothing compared to what it was?!
And of course you have the accurate numbers to back this claim up, right?

Do you guys not realize that you were sitting on a potential goldmine?,and that you dropped the ball?The name drew them in,the PVE and crap PVP drove them away,and will keep them away.I feel sorry for those who paid for a lifetime membership and only got 6 months use out of it,and only then because they were stubborn and willing to give you guys a chance that you never deserved.Enjoy!
Yes, you're right, we're all AI 'bots' here on the Forums and in game; and we're ALL run by one Cryptic employee, sitting in a basemen in front of a single server (that's not even rack mounted); perpetrating a hoax on the entire gaming community. And every vote on that Massively poll for STO was the one employee spoofing IP addresses juist so the hoax could continue.