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01-06-2011, 06:16 PM
Armsman,were you there for the beta?the opening?the numbers that play the game now cannot compare to the number that were playing,no i dont have the exact numbers but im also not an idiot as you assume either,i know 250k is alot more than 10k,just sayin.even cryptic admits they have lost ALOT of subscribers,mainly the ones playing are noobs or care bears like yourself,who are more than content to keep running the same old boring missions over and over.i have played every star trek game ever made and this does not even fit in the top 5,as far as cryptic listening to players,they sure as hell didnt listen to them before launch when they were advised to have more content for pve and pvp,i waited for years for this game,and went into it with a positive attitude,you like myself stated your opinion,and last time i checked we were both entitled to it.if the game was in such great shape you couldnt buy it for $20 a year after release,add ons for other games cost as much,sometimes more,so go hide in your little fed science ship and go scan another anomaly,and allow others to have their opinions,and my opinion is that gimmicks will not save this game,as cryptic thinks,it is right now on life support with the plug falling out of the wall slowly