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01-06-2011, 06:31 PM
Congratulations to Cryptic, and specifically to the STO team. You guys have been doing some awesome work in refining and expanding the game. It's good to see more positive press popping up lately. Well earned, and I look forward to the future of STO!

Originally Posted by SemajELF View Post go hide in your little fed science ship and go scan another anomaly,and allow others to have their opinions
That's just the thing, though. You're stating an opinion as fact with the population decrease of impending doom comment.

Yes, the population has decreased since open beta/launch. But that happens to EVERY single MMO when it first launches. Loads of people rush in to see what all the fuss is about, and not every one of them will stay. This is normal.

Also, the STO team has made it very clear lately that the game is doing very well, including the number of players. Plus, that number is growing

Originally Posted by SemajELF View Post
(...)if the game was in such great shape you couldnt buy it for $20 a year after release,add ons for other games cost as much,sometimes more(...)
Have you heard of a little thing called the Cstore? The game is not priced low now because it's a failure, it's priced low now because Cryptic has made a shift towards microtransactions over box sales. They've made this pretty clear through forum communication. Again, the game is doing just fine, whether you enjoy it or not. The sky is not really falling, as it turns out.