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I have only just returned to the game after many many months away from it. I am a Commander 6 in rank and presently command a K'Tinga class Battlecruiser (though I have the funds for any ship available to my rank).
I am looking for a Fleet for multiple purposes. I am a easy going player that likes to do raids when I can (though I confess to being a casual player)
The big thing is to learn. I want to pvp, I do not pretend to know the ins and outs of the game right now as I have been gone for too long. I am looking for a fleet I can learn from in the pvp scope of things. Skill sets, best equipment and abilites, tactics etc. This of course woul require a Fleet that doesn't mind teaching a relatively new Klingon the ropes and having a little patience.
I do have Fed characters but really only play them for pve and have no interest in using them in the pvp arena.
I am a long time fan of Star Trek and specifically the Klingon culture (I had been a member of some rather serious Klingon Fan clubs in the past).

Do you do raids?

Do you do hard core pvp and are successful at it and if so do you mind teaching other relatively new players how?
This one awaits your response.