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Armsman,were you there for the beta?the opening?the numbers that play the game now cannot compare to the number that were playing,no i dont have the exact numbers but im also not an idiot as you assume either,i know 250k is alot more than 10k,just sayin.even cryptic admits they have lost ALOT of subscribers,mainly the ones playing are noobs or care bears like yourself,who are more than content to keep running the same old boring missions over and over.i have played every star trek game ever made and this does not even fit in the top 5,as far as cryptic listening to players,they sure as hell didnt listen to them before launch when they were advised to have more content for pve and pvp,i waited for years for this game,and went into it with a positive attitude,you like myself stated your opinion,and last time i checked we were both entitled to it.if the game was in such great shape you couldnt buy it for $20 a year after release,add ons for other games cost as much,sometimes more,so go hide in your little fed science ship and go scan another anomaly,and allow others to have their opinions,and my opinion is that gimmicks will not save this game,as cryptic thinks,it is right now on life support with the plug falling out of the wall slowly
Was I here for the beta? You bet. Been playing closed beta 10/27/09 was when I received the closed beta invite. Again, aside from EQ and WoW (EVE Online makes the claim, but given CCPs record on truthful statements, I dubt it's accurate as I was there for EVE launch - and aagain for a year in the 2006 - 2007 timeframe for one year); EVERY SUBSCRIPTION MMO RELEASED never grows beyond the numbers it accrued the first month of launch.

Second, as a player of MMOs since Meridian 59; and a Star Trek fan since 1969; and a player of many Star Trek games over the years (my first was on an HP 2000 mainframe via teletype in 1975 called STTR1); and someone who's tried the majority of the better Star Trek games out there like the 25th Anniversary, Judgement Rittes all the way through Star Fleet Academy and Bridge Commander - sorry, but I honestly disagree with your assessment of STO. The game does a good job of representing all eras of Star Trek, and is an enjoyable game to play - and does a good job of straddling the fine line of sticking to canon for the most part, expanding on canon and taking it to the 'future' (ie past the last 24th century era we saw obn screen - it may not be everyone's cup of tea; but for the most part they extrapolated things well.)

Again, if you're looking for a 24th century era simulator, I copuld see where you might be dissapointed, but as a Star Trek fam who's seem all the various incarnations first run, and who likes to mix and match from his favorites; I personally love that ALL Star Trek eras are represented in the game; and an explanation as to why it is that way (time of war, short on resources) is fine.

Also, I don't think you'll find anyone who thinks this game releeased finished; or with a wealth of content; BUT, I also read about and understood the reasons WHY - Namely that Perpetual held, and did virtually nothing to progress on development of the Star Trek MMO CBS/Paramount wanted; and after Perpetual went belly up; and CBS shopped teh license around they (CBS) contractually added that whomever wanted the license would have to accept a contracted release date BEFORE SIGNING, and prove tp CBS they would be able to make it. In a perfect world odf an unlimited development budget; and all the time in the world, yes they could have made a better game; but the reality was; CBS specified a date and required that date be adhered to because they (CBS) didn't want another Perpetual-like situation on it's hands.

Also, 11 months out, Cryptic and the STO Dev team have worked very hard to rectify the games state and it's deficiencies; and are making good progress in that regard. Cryptic's other MMO (Champions Online); which had it's development slowed A LOT since launch (due to not meeting target sub numbers); and which is now being converted into a F2P hybrid in an attempt to turn things around. But even before the CO F2P announcement CO post launch development has been much slower when compared to STO; and that's a direct rsult of it not pulling in suffcient cash flow to support development.

My oint? If STO were doing as bad as you believe, I doubt we'd see this much continued ssupport and enhancement at the sustained rate that we've had since launch; and STO would have gone F2P along with CO at the same time.

I also don't know if you still log in, but I do and check instance numbers, and if anything STO is seeing an upswing in players at least during the times I play. So, again, given that and recent posts of the subscription trend from Stormshade; I don't see a dying game; I see a still reletively new MMO that is continuing to be developed; a Dev team that takes player feedback into account as they develop the game (and FYI 'listening to players' doesn't mean 'Do EVERYTHING the players ask for'; but they do a fair job of working a lot of player suggestions in); and a commited core base of players, with subscriptions (currently) on the upswing.

Does that mean I expect STO to ever reach World of ******** level sub numbers? No, I don't think STO will EVER approach WoW's numbers, but again, it was never envisioned as the 'WoW killler' either. Further if you use WoW as the 'successful' benchmark, ALL OTHER MMOs are dying. If however, you look at STO in comparison to the other MMOs out there; I'd say it's holding it's own, and doing better than a number of MMOs released in teh last couple of years, including games like Age of Conan and WarHammer Online.

I like the game a lot, and I also like the current STO Dev team, and the direction they're taking and growing the game in. If you don't, think it sucks, and "isn't Star Trek"; that's a perfectly valid POV; and if that's how you feel, I'd unsubscribe and move on. But, regardless of yours or my POV; anecdotal evidence would seem to indicate that while not doing exceptional; STO is doing okay, and is hardly dying or on the verge of shutting down.